The Food Scientist: Why Food is your Friend not your Foe!

Thursday, July 07, 2016

I would tell you a joke about pizza, but it would be way too cheesy.
Ciao to all you lovely people out there who are reading this! My name is Andrea Makamba, and I am the sole author of a blog at I am a food blogger in the pear-suit of making simple yet delicious food that I can share with all my readers in order to inspire them to be more creative in the kitchen. Sometimes my overzealousness lands me in a bit of a pickle, whenever recipes take a turnip for the worse. I have experienced the most colossal of failures, from forgetting cakes in the oven to melting mixing bowls (I still haven’t learnt that hot stove + plastic bowl = disaster). However, I mustard the strength to continue upon realising that there is plenty of margarine for error and your greatest mistakes teach you the most valuable lessons.

Aside from causing havoc in the kitchen, I am currently in my final year of high school, writing Maths, Physics, Chemistry and French at the end of this year (My chances of survival are looking pretty slim at the moment) and I also participate in a multitude of sports from tennis to soccer as well as cross country. My keen interest in the culinary arts led me to start a blog in December 2015, and when the time came to choose a name, I wanted to incorporate something that conveyed my personal interests. Hence, “The Food Scientist” was born. And since then, I’ve gone on to create things that look like this:

Baked Shakshuka

Passion fruit curd and Irish shortbread 

Spicy Sweet and Sour Baked Chicken Nuggets

French dip sandwiches

I always get questions about where my ideas for recipes come from, and if I’m being honest, 90% of the time, it’s what I’m craving at that moment. There is never really a theme to what I’m cooking; I don’t go out of my way to try and create healthy, paleo, dairy-free vegan meals. Truth be told, I don’t always manage to maintain a healthy diet myself. If there is any lesson I would teach teenage girls of this century, it is that food is not your enemy. That slice of pizza sitting in front of you is not going to leap up and slit your throat.  Food is not the enemy here, it is the voice inside your head telling you that eating that slice of pizza will make you fat. Why do we think that one cannot be beautiful unless one has a thigh gap, a flat stomach and protruding collarbones? You don’t need to starve yourself for hours on end to achieve somebody’s convoluted image of beauty. Ladies, I think you are all pretty a(maize)ing, no matter what size you are. If we can learn to form positive body images of ourselves, and understand that we are beautifully and wonderfully made, then we can move one step forward towards self acceptance and happiness.
 I encourage you all to love yourselves and realise that a number on the scale does not define you at all. The next time that slice of pizza is staring at you seductively, I challenge you to go for it without a second thought. Food is your friend and not your foe, we should really be fighting against the twisted images of beauty that tell us that we can only be beautiful at one size.

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