Meet the Gambura Sisters

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Hi! My name is Tapiwa Gambura, and I'm an artist. I'm 14 years old, well turning 15 on the 9th of October, and I learn at the Dominican Convent High School in Harare.

I'm a writer, I'm an actress, I'm an aspiring photographer, I'm a musician, and I'm African.

I love all things artsy, writing, drawing, painting, astrology, playing my violin, and acting. Acting is my life, my passion. It's like the stage calls me. What I love about the stage is that I don't have to be me. I'm allowed to forget about me for a moment in time, and be whoever I want to be, whenever I want to be, and however I want to be. It's my way of talking to people, reaching out to people. It's my form of meditation - I like to call it artistic relief.

What I hope to achieve in life, besides becoming an actress, is to be able to have inspired somebody to have explore their wide futures. To have taught someone something, anything, and to have made someone love them self, and proud of themselves.

Many people don't love themselves, especially children of African descent or African in general.
I want African people to reach their full potential. I want us to be unafraid to embrace ourselves fully. To be proud of our rich skin, no matter how dark or light it is. I want Africans to be able to grow out their natural hair, without thinking of it as wiry or 'too kinky' or ugly. I want girls to be able to grow past the misconception that they are lesser than the man or unable to have big dreams.


I want Africans to dream big.

So that's me, basically, just a regular African girl, with big dreams and the desire to be somebody worth reading about.


Tanatsei Francisca Gambura is the name I was graced with on the 30th of January in 1999. I'm a seventeen-year old Zimbabwean girl, an aspiring actress, writer, poet, spoken word artist and graphic designer. I'm also interested in Model United Nations and international diplomacy. I founded the 25 May Movement and wrote the poem "We Are Africans." My vision is to play a part in the great turn around and transformation that awaits Africa by being the catalyst that changes people's perspective about this blessed land. An artist at heart, I'm attracted to all things creative, inspiring and innovative. I enjoy all forms of dance and music, but listen to reggae the most. The more leather jackets and combat boots part of me is dedicated to the Arctic Monkeys. I am always excited to meet new people and have a conversation with them over a cup of coffee or a glass of lemonade. I am an academic who believes in the reconsideration of the global education system. I'm passionate about happiness and making other people happy. My life purpose is to serve others and share my gifts with them. I am a member of an organization called Rudimbwa that exists to make a positive difference in the lives of less privileged children. I'm happily a frequent blood donor, aiming to join the Pledge 25 club. I donate blood because of the value I put in human life. I believe in freely giving that which I have freely received. I am inspired by revolution. I advocate for freedom of being without the fear of external opinion and judgement. My biggest personal achievement would be to successfully complete everyone my three-hundred-item bucket list. I am more spiritual than I am religious, but I believe in natural hair and sunflowers. Om Shanti.

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